I have three main passions in life: design, photography, and FOOD. I've been formally designing for 5+ years, photographing for 10+ years, and eating for 20+ years.

My mother is a phenomenal cook. My dad also has a few great recipes up his sleeve. I was born and raised eating food that was healthy AND delicious (huge props to my parents for that). I blame my mother especially and her incredible meals every night for having quite literally fed what is now my passion for good food.

I considered going to culinary school, but was dissuaded by the notion that "no one would trust a skinny chef." It's true. So, academically and professionally, I chose to pursue my other passion: design. Specifically, architectural design; though I also do photography, website design, and graphic design. I won't bore you with how much I adore design (I have other webpages dedicated to that!) because I assume that's not what you want to read about on a food blog.

Besides eating, one of my favorite food-related hobbies is "recipe deconstruction:" I try to break down what was in a to-die-for restaurant dish I've enjoyed and then recreate it with my own "spin" at home (aka, with a lot of trials and errors) until I get it JUST right. I usually avoid trying to recreate any sort of creamed soups, rich desserts, chip dips, etc. - anything that, if I knew what was in it, I'd feel too guilty to order it out anymore. :-P

I love hearing from readers, from one-time visitors to those who follow me regularly. So feel free to leave me your comments here or on any of my posts. And definitely speak up if you have a dish/recipe that changed your life, or a recommended restaurant/meal somewhere!!

If you'd like to get in touch with me, you can leave a public comment here or email me at: aliastephanie@comcast.net


  1. i find ur blog really interesting!! good to know that ur a foodie like me lol

  2. btw, I have bookmarked ur blog :) i would like to share about the food i love and the restaurants with u someday.


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