Part of the purpose of this blog is to share with you where - exactly - to find the BEST [insert food/category here] in the world. I have had some pretty incredible food in my relatively short but sweet life, but this list refers specifically to dishes I have had a number of times in a number of places; those on which I may consider myself an expert (or at least 'experienced palateer').

This list also does NOT include homecooked dishes - only restaurant dishes. There are two reasons for this: 1) Telling you my sister makes chocolate chip cookies that could never, ever, be surpassed by any other person's/cafe's/restaurant's in the WORLD will probably just make you sad (unless you are lucky enough to know my sister), etc., and 2) I don't want my friends to get angry/insulted and stop inviting me over for dinner in the event they aren't listed here. Most of them would be listed here, actually, but I usually say "friends before food" just in case ;-)

This list will be added to as I discover new favorites. I don't have a quota of 'new favorites' to meet for every month, or anything like that - this list is only updated when I have discovered a truly outstanding dish somewhere. As of now, it is a short, distinguished list, but I am confident it will grow with time. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, feel free to comment about them below. The restaurants on this list will soon be linked to external webpages (their own site, where possible) with more information about them. Once I've written them, they will link to my blog posts on them, which will also feature their external webpage link. So check back periodically for updates and new links!

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  1. tats a cool list!! how donno if they are in PA though :) would love to try them someday


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