Going to Syracuse, New York? Want to see what's good at Fred's? Well here's a list of all the labels on my posts, which typically consist of the restaurant's general location and name. You can also scroll to the end of the lists and use the searchbar to look up key words within all posts (such as "dumplings" or "best"). Don't see your favorite restaurant on there? Leave me a comment with the details and I'll do my best to get over there!

Besides food and designing, I adore travel - so you'll note restaurants located outside of the USA are labeled first by country, in caps, then by city (so far it's a fairly limited selection). Otherwise, states are noted first, followed by cities or areas in parentheses. It should also be noted that my posts do not follow a strict timeline, so if I post about food from New York on Monday, Italy on Tuesday, and Pittsburgh on Wednesday...well, it's likely I've been sitting at home all week, haha. Lists are updated regularly!

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