November 30, 2010

Japanese Gyoza

Having now established my love of dumplings, I'm always looking to expand my dumpling horizons. Also known as "pot stickers," these are the Japanese version of dumplings (apparently!) and have a slightly thicker and different skin than wontons. The ones I tried were available on a lunch buffet, and after my first I went back for a second...and a third...and a fourth. Steamed and filled with a pork mixture, they were so light and delicious I couldn't stop eating them! I highly recommend giving them a shot if you've got the chance.

Where you can enjoy these yourself:

Golden China
119 Floral Vale Boulevard
Yardley, Pennsylvania

The interior of the restaurant is classy, but not fancy - another great spot to bring friends or colleagues. The food is always fresh and my favorite is the lunch buffet - good food and great variety!

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