January 31, 2011

Eggs Poached and Over Medium on Toast

Nice cut view of the eggs over medium
Cut view of the poached egg

For about my first twenty years, I was strictly a scrambled eggs girl. I was particular (still am) about my scrambled - golden brown, thank you! - but it wasn't until I hit college that I started exploring my options. That's when they say you can really find yourself, right? Well, I found something even better: omelets. And ever so slowly since, I've begun to come out of my shell (get it? shell?? we're talking about eggs!!) So now that I'd started my next phase, Real Life, it seemed only appropriate to expand my horizons just a few varieties more.

Eggs over medium is a nice introduction to the runny side of eggs, especially for us golden-brown-bone-dry egg eaters (I find it a great way to test the waters without totally committing to a plate full of goop). Cooked in a frying pan and flipped twice over, the yolk is runny - and gets absorbed nicely by the toast - but the white is fully cooked.

Poached eggs are simply that: poached. The egg is gently dropped into a pot of simmering water and removed once cooked. Similar to the egg of medium, you typically get a runny yolk and also cooked white, though the texture is a little...well, thicker and slimier. (Can't say it was my favorite. But worth a try!)

What I like about trying different types of eggs is that each variety is almost like a snack. So if it's really not to my liking, it's just another two or three bites and it's over...and if it's right up my alley, I can order another one no problem! I'm slowly making my way down the list of Ways to Eat Eggs. I've got four down so far. Maybe with my next stage of life I'll get it up to six. I'll get there eventually.

Where you can enjoy this yourself:

Fred's Breakfast
13 East Randolph Street
New Hope, Pennsylvania

Now, the thing about Fred's is that it's all a big secret. You can read more on their website about details, but the general gist is that you need to be a member in order to dine at the 31-seat counter surrounding the open kitchen. How do you become a member? By recommendation of a current member! It's an exclusive breakfast club with a retro-diner feel and very casual atmosphere, located right on the Delaware River. If you happen to know someone (like me!) who is a member, ask them for a Guest Privilege card to check the place out. Fred's is one of New Hope's best kept local secrets.

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