February 2, 2011

Brick Oven Margherita Pizza

I love pizza. As Guy Fieri (on the Food Network) has said, even bad pizza...is good pizza. But this pizza...is REALLY good pizza, and in a really nice little restaurant. Perfect for a date night, catching up with friends, or just enjoying your own company. And it's also reasonable, which is always a plus! Cafesano, Italian and Mediterranean food, would be one of my regular spots if I was in the area more often.

So back to this pizza. Let's start at the bottom. For someone who doesn't usually eat her crusts unless she's STARVING, take this for all it's worth: this was one delicious pizza crust. It was chewy but had enough of a crunch to it to hold the pizza up on its own, and the flavor was a little different - in a good way - than what you normally find (I'm guessing semolina flour). The sauce was light and tasty and was strongly reinforced by the fresh tomato slices on top. They also get extra bonus points for using fresh mozzarella across the entirety of the pizza, and the basil (which you'll also find layered between the sauce and the cheese) garnish was not only beautiful but added just that extra little touch of freshness to each bite, if you wanted it.

Where you can enjoy this yourself:

South Lakes Village Center
(Sunrise Valley & South Lakes Drive)
11130 M South Lakes Drive
Reston, Virginia


You're greeted by a huge menu full of wonderful-sounding dishes and options, and then you place your order at the counter, where you're surrounded on one side by olives, salads, and cheese, and on the other, by homemade soups. After you place your order, you get a number for your table and sit down, then wait until your food is ready and is then brought right to you. It's like a fusion of counterside order+pick up and a regular restaurant set up. A little different than what I'm used to, but quite nice!

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