July 15, 2010

Belgian Waffles

First thing in the morning, what could beat a fresh, hot, deep-pocket waffle with fresh strawberries and a tower of whipped cream?? I'll tell you what: almost nothing. For me, the fresh strawberries and whipped cream are implied in the name "Belgian waffle" - just a regular waffle by itself can't be considered a Belgian waffle in my book anymore than two slices of bread can be considered a sandwich (I've learned the hard way that most dining establishments don't agree with me on this, however). At Fred's, a very special breakfast "club," they do waffles right: loaded with fresh strawberry halves and whipped cream sky high - and they won't complain if you ask for more! The thing, too, about their waffles is (what I've discovered to be a secret ingredient in waffles and pancakes) they have just a little bit of malt in their waffle mix. Or that's my best guess - a little malt and a lotta butter.

Where you can enjoy this yourself:

Fred's Breakfast
13 East Randolph Street
New Hope, Pennsylvania

Now, the thing about Fred's is that it's all a big secret. You can read more on their website about details, but the general gist is that you need to be a member in order to dine at the 31-seat counter surrounding the open kitchen. How do you become a member? By recommendation of a current member! It's an exclusive breakfast club with a retro-diner feel and very casual atmosphere, located right on the Delaware River. If you happen to know someone (like me!) who is a member, ask them for a Guest Privilege card to check the place out. Fred's is one of New Hope's best kept local secrets.

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