July 20, 2010

BEST Dumpling Soup

Since my first dumplings about a year and a half ago, I haven't been able to get enough of them. The dumplings here may very well be the BEST dumplings around - and for a while, they were - but then I discovered their dumpling noodle soup (9C on the menu, I believe) - and their dumplings, while being absolutely excellent to begin with, suddenly became UNBELIEVABLY excellent. While I love a good soy-based sauce with my dumplings (and this is why it took me so long to try them in the soup, without it), the dumplings swimming in a light broth makes them even more succulent. The soup is layered with wide noodles on the bottom, fresh green vegetables in the middle, and a generous helping of steamed pork dumplings on top. (Note: there is no graceful way to eat this soup. I've tried a spoon for the broth, I've tried chopsticks for its components - no matter what, I end up having an obvious splatter-zone around me by the end of the meal.)

Where to enjoy this yourself:

Big Bowl Noodle House
418 East College Avenue
State College, Pennsylvania

My awesome roommate Katie last year introduced me to Big Bowl, which is now one of my favorite restaurants, as well as the dumpling soup. (Another note: Katie somehow manages to eat the dumpling noodle soup gracefully...so maybe that's just me.) This place is not to be confused with the fancy, reservations-only eatery you may find online if you google "big bowl:" this is a tiny little place sub-terra just of the main intersection of downtown State College.

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