May 18, 2011

BEST Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled pork is one of my favorite types of sandwiches. It all started in high school, when friends of the family would come over once a month, right after their trip to the big, local Amish farmer's market. Fresh, tender, once-fell-off-the-bone-now-falling-off-the-bun pulled pork with their family BBQ sauce was always in tow. Clem's BBQ in central Pennsylvania is the closest I've come to Pulled Pork Sandwich Perfection since those friends moved down to Florida.

The meat is in a nice combination of bite-size chunks and stringy bits, all smothered - but not drowning - in a sweet and tangy barbeque sauce that's just as enjoyable as the meat itself. Served throughout central PA at local stores and pit stops, it always comes with a fresh, locally baked roll that just perfects this lunch. The actual location is about as dive-y as it gets: small wooden hut off the side of the highway that normally I wouldn't go near - let alone actually stop and get out of my car at - with a twenty foot pole. There are large barrels set up as makeshift seating and it's really not much to look at - but talk about a diamond in the rough! I actually kind of love that it looks like such a dive and then blows you away with the juiciness of the meat and more than memorable secret BBQ recipe. Rumor has it, Clem's was invited to be on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives but they refused to give the recipe for their BBQ sauce, so they didn't get a slot on the show. But that's okay. Just means it's Centre County's best kept secret, just between you and me.

Where to enjoy this yourself:

Anywhere you see a "WE SERVE CLEM'S!" sign in the greater State College area
- OR -
Clem's BBQ
427 McFarland Road
Tyrone, Pennsylvania

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