May 27, 2011

BEST Philly Cheesesteak

My family and I once went to China for three weeks. Enter Jimmy D, the driver who met us at the airport upon our return home. It was late, we were tired, but more importantly we were STARVING. So Jimmy D took care of us. An Italian born and raised in Philly, Jimmy D knew everything about the city - including where to find the absolute best food. So after an 18 hour flight, we took a detour going home, for a short stop in South Philadelphia to visit the only REAL place to get Philly Cheesesteaks.

Let me tell you, these cheesesteaks are about as real as they get.

Recently, I found myself late at night driving through South Philly. I was starving. There are so many great places to eat in Philadelphia, but I only have eyes for one as I'm traveling through town (it should be noted I have them in my cell phone, AND in my gps, just for those chance times when/if I might be driving around the area). Close up on the roast beef Italian choice, pictured above: succulent, juicy roast beef is piled just high enough on a freshly baked roll that's crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside. The spinach adds a nice flavor of salt to each bite, and the extra sharp provolone could ONLY be from a local master - we're talking high quality cheese you'll cut yourself on, it's so sharp. Each bite is better than the last. The freshness and quality of the ingredients just make your mouth sing the whole time you're eating (which sounds impossible...but that's just how good it is).

There are lots of locals' stories about who eats here and how often (apparently the Philadelphia Eagles order the whole team Tony Luke's cheesesteaks for breakfast every morning before practice). I'm sure most of the stories are true. All I know is this is the only place in the world I will order a cheesesteak!

Tony Luke's [original location]
39 East Oregon Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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