August 1, 2010

Zodiac Dining Room

Though I usually focus on one dish - my own - per restaurant, it seemed here that the other dishes ordered outshone mine, so I'm featuring a selection of foods from The Zodiac, located in the King of Prussia Neiman Marcus department store.

First: the crab and tomato soup (mine). This soup had quite an unexpected kick of spice to it - since I'm not a fan of spicy foods, I actually let mine cool and ate it after my meal to tone the spiciness down a bit. Apparently it's great for those of you who do like it hot!

Second: Fish & Chips (mine). I feature this mainly to give you an idea of the type of food they offer. To be honest, the fried fish didn't have much flavor and then house tartar sauce was a bit of a disappointment - but they do have a comfortably-sized menu with an array of American dishes sure to please everyone.

Third: Mandarin Orange Soufflé (not mine). Chicken salad - which is much more chicken than mayo, fruit salad, and fruit cake, plus the soufflé itself: a light, smooth texture with a delicate flavor of orange. This was the winner!

The Zodiac is also neat because everyone at the table gets a hot, fresh popover, strawberry butter, and a palate-cleansing hot chicken consommé (essentially broth). They also have excellent strawberry lemonade.

Where you can enjoy it yourself:

The Zodiac, Neiman Marcus Department Store
170 Gulph Road
King of Prussia, Pennsylvaina

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