August 9, 2010

Wild Mushroom Fajitas

One word: DELICIOUS. I never thought to forget about the chicken or steak and throw a variety of mushrooms in with the peppers and onions and wrap it all up! They were generous with the guacamole (which I love), and there were just enough wraps to accommodate the sizzling platter of filling. The shredded Monterey Jack cheese was just enough to bind the ingredients together, and the mushrooms were juicy and flavorful but not overpowering - all in all, this was a really tasty meal. They also use local/organic ingredients - so you know that most of the dishes on their menu are going to be great, if for nothing else than their ingredients!

Where you can enjoy it yourself:

Empire Brewing Company
Armory Square
120 Walton Street
Syracuse, New York

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