August 17, 2010

BEST Tomato Pie

Unusually cut and spectacularly delicious, this super-thin crust pizza still makes it to my BEST list, even after having eaten real Italian pizza. The stiff, crisp crust and thin layer of cheese merely act as a vessel for the glorious chunks of tomato and sauce exploding all across the top layer. The pizza shines with olive oil (not grease) and the seasoning is light but good; it really only complements the three aforementioned ingredients, not adds to or overpowers. If you like pizza, or you like tomato pie, don't miss out on the best there is!!

Where you can enjoy it yourself:

It's Nutts
1382 River Road (Route 29)
Titusville, New Jersey

Usually we split a family size pie and a large salad to share between four of us - but I also frequent It's Nutts with my best friend and we share the crab & avocado dip and the family size pie - just between the two of us! They also have individual pies (see below!) that don't take too long to make, in case you didn't get enough the first time (thin crust pizza - which I also found in Italy - is much lighter and doesn't fill you up as much)!

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