August 20, 2010

Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas

I'm not big on anything with lots of gooey, oozing cheese, so I usually steer clear of quesadillas. However, I have a great recipe for Italian quesadillas, which use a mild cheese and roasted red peppers - and being able to control how much cheese goes in has really helped open my eyes to the world of quesadillas. So when I saw it on the menu with a variety of yummy roasted vegetables, I went for it. And what a great decision!

Enveloped in a crunchy tortilla and drizzled with a Chipotle-tomato sauce, roasted peppers, mushrooms, squash, and onions are bound together with havarti (a mild cheese that has the same stringy consistency as mozzarella) to make a perfectly fresh and light summer lunch meal. The only thing better than my roasted vegetable quesadilla was possibly the cup of creamy tomato soup I started out with. The atmosphere and style of Sweet Loraine's is fresh, casual, and fun - a perfect spot for a lunch date and catching up with friends.

Where you can enjoy this yourself:

Sweet Loraine's Cafe & Bar
U.S. 202 (intersection of 202/Lower York Road and Street Road)
Lahaska, Pennsylvania

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