September 25, 2010

BEST Western Omlettes

They also have great home fries:These tri-folded, three-egg omelettes are mixed right up with perfect portions of fillings (fresh mushrooms, green peppers, ham, onion - and I get mine without cheese) so that you get a savory mix of perfectly cooked "egg, etc." in every bite. They're my favorite not only for the flavoring, but how they come out perfectly every time, with a sort of juiciness from the fresh ingredients - not from runny eggs. The home fries are a great side, too: soft and white on the inside but crispy, golden brown on the outside, tossed with sauteed onions (my favorite)!

Where you can enjoy this yourself:

Original Waffle Shop
1610 West College Avenue OR 1229 North Atherton Street
State College, Pennsylvania

If you are in the area, there is "The Waffle Shop" and also "Original Waffle Shop." They are extremely similar (used to be owned by the same people) but their menus, recipes, and prices are slightly different. For the best omelettes, go to the one on West Beaver Ave or on Atherton Street. (The other ones have the BEST chocolate chip pancakes!) As a side note, the Waffle Shops also have INCREDIBLE waffles, but I recently came into a waffle maker of my own, so I usually like treating myself to an omelette or pancakes when I go out - but definitely try the waffles, too!! They're great at both locations.

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