June 1, 2010

BEST Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I'm not usually one for sweet breakfasts, but these pancakes are to die for. There's just something special about them - perhaps malt in the batter? - that just makes them irresistibly delicious. The crispiness on the outside perfectly complements the fluffiness on the inside. And yet, they're substantial - there's no way I could eat a whole stack unless we were there through two meals.

Where to enjoy them yourself:

The Waffle Shop
364 East College Ave
State College, Pennsylvania

If you are in the area, there is "The Waffle Shop" and also "Original Waffle Shop." They are extremely similar (used to be owned by the same people) but their menus, recipes, and prices are slightly different. For the best chocolate chip pancakes, go to the one downtown of Penn State's main campus. (The other ones have the BEST Western omelettes!) As a side note, the Waffle Shops also have INCREDIBLE waffles, but I recently came into a waffle maker of my own, so I usually like treating myself to an omelette or pancakes when I go out - but definitely try the waffles, too!! They're great at both locations.

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