December 7, 2010

BEST Prime Rib

I'm just going to pause you here, for effect. You can click to see a larger photo...

What you're looking at is...the most perfect Prime Rib. In the world. Period.

Here is the Master Carver (note the large medallion indicating his prestigious status!) who is responsible for the table-side carving of my requested cut and preferred temperature of meat (rare, thank you very much!).

Much like the BEST stuffed mushrooms, this prime rib will change your life.

It's difficult to find truly rare prime rib, but Lawry's Prime Rib in Las Vegas has done it. The meat is so tender you could cut it with a fork - and it positively melts in your mouth. This isn't just prime rib, it's Prime Rib. It's hard to imagine I've ever settled for anything less.

You know the name Lawry because the company (though recently bought by Nestlé, as I understand it) makes great marinades you can buy at any grocery. It's clear where they got their start, as they really make some of the best steak I've ever had. In addition to the side of great mashed potatoes (note: by default they add their gravy to the mashed potatoes, but you can also opt for au jus instead), I added a side of creamed spinach and my company had an extra side of creamed corn. Surprisingly, I preferred the corn to the spinach - the spinach is seasoned with spices, onion, and bacon, and the corn is a sweet golden yellow served in a broth of cream - basic enough, but exceptionally delicious.

Where you can enjoy this yourself: (PS this restaurant needs to go on your bucket list, so take note!!)

Lawry's The Prime Rib
4043 Howard Hughes Parkway
Las Vegas, Nevada

Note on the website, there are several locations, and also several other Lawry's restaurants! It also needs to be noted: RECIPES FOR EVERYHING mentioned in this post are available ON THE WEBSITE listed above. I hadn't noticed it before, and it's really hard for me to contain my enthusiasm about this!! In part because they only have locations far, far, far away from the East Coast...

Off the main strip in Vegas, you need to know about Lawry's The Prime Rib ahead of time (so if you're reading this you're in good shape!). How did I find out? I struck up a conversation with a stranger at a wedding, it came up that I was headed to Vegas soon, and he said there was a restaurant I HAD to try - so you know that my radar went right up! "It's the best prime rib sandwich I've ever had," he told me. He'd had lunch there, but we ended up dining for dinner. As I recall, the cut I got was $34 - but wait - because INCLUDED in your meal was a dinner-sized plate (below) of Lawry's famous spinning-bowl salad, fresh Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, whipped cream horseradish, and the prime rib (my cut was 6 or 7 oz, I believe). This is an upscale restaurant, but the prices are realistic and you really get your money's worth. They get extra credit in my book for being so down to earth in that regard - and for having a prime rib that makes me want to hop a plane for 5 hours just to have it again.
Our lovely waitress preparing the famous spinning salad
Tossed in Lawry's specialty dressing, the evening started off with a great serving of salad...
And finished with an English trifle grand finale!

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