December 15, 2010

Chicken with Fresh Thai Basil Dumplings

Located (apparently only!) at a stand in the Boulder Farmer's Market, Sisters Pantry whips up piping hot, fresh, delectable dumplings served in a small pool of special dumpling soy sauce. Rumor has it, if you get there early enough, you can score some of the pork dumplings (unfortunately, we had opted to sleep in that day) - later in the morning, the pork are only available frozen for take-away. However, they have great garden vegetable dumplings and chicken with fresh Thai basil dumplings. The latter are the focus of this post, as I'm not usually one for chicken dumplings, but the fresh basil adds both a nice and unique flavor - a bright, fresh taste that compliments the dumpling sauce surprisingly nicely. You'll be lucky if you get to their stand at the market when there's no line - it's a popular stop for anyone craving a tasty mid-morning, afternoon, or evening snack!

Where you can enjoy these yourself:

Sisters Pantry
Boulder Farmer's Market
1900 13th St
Boulder, Colorado

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