December 13, 2010

Fresh Berries in Custard

I looooove fresh custard. Give me custard-filled cream puffs, cakes, bowls with a spoon - anything, I'm there! This custard was the first good home made custard I've had in a while, so it seemed especially good: its light vanilla flavor was a perfect compliment to the strawberries, and its heavy weight was a great contrast to the fluffy (and also fresh) whipped cream on top. One would think some berries and custard in a cup couldn't possibly fill you up - but after an appetizer and main dish, it was hard to even think more than three bites into this. Delicious - and worth sharing at the table!

Where you can enjoy this yourself:

Lombardi's on the Sound
44 Fairway Drive
Port Jefferson, New York

(Details below are copied from a previous post on Lombardi's)

It should also be made known that this very well could be the best restaurant I've ever experienced. We came upon it by pure chance one day driving around and, despite its exclusive country club exterior, the restaurant is quite open and welcome to the public. I've been there three times over the past two years and verifiably would drive all the way out there for their food. Every single time we've gone, every single person's meal has been incredible - not just good, but really, excellent. They price accordingly - I couldn't make a habit of dining there five nights a week, or even one night every week - but I cannot stress enough that it is worth every penny. If you go during the summer, there is a beautiful view out over the Long Island sound; the staff is pleasant and attentive, with a host regularly making the rounds to assure your overall satisfaction; the atmosphere is relaxed and calming. Throw in truly excellent food, and you have a five-star winner, by my standards (which I like to think are pretty high).

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