December 24, 2010


Despite what rumors may fly, there were actually a lot of great foods in the colonial days: roast duck, pumpkin bread, pie, and...syllabub. Syllabub isn't particularly renown, but it should be! Syllabub is typically a frothy drink made from homemade whipped cream, sugar, and white wine. Our variation, compliments of my great friend Allie, had some extra holiday spices thrown in (lots of cinnamon!) and I believe she used rum instead of wine. The result was a spiked whipped cream-type concoction that was light and airy and full of Christmas cheer - and it was as much fun to eat as it looks. Though originally thought to have been made by milking a cow straight into the bowl to let it froth naturally, if you don't happen to have a cow on hand, frothing the milk with a fork or whisk works pretty well too. To make more of a drink than a spooned dessert, simply add some more wine (or rum) to the mix (though this consistency would make for a perfect pumpkin pie plate accessory)!

Where you can enjoy this yourself:

My friend Allie's place, if you happen to know her and are in the Denver, Colorado area
- OR -
Your very own kitchen!

It takes a few minutes to make - especially with all the whisking involved - but the end result is worth it. Though I haven't sought out any recipes for it myself, I at least wanted to bring it to your attention because it's a great little drink/adult dessert that is perfect for this time of year.


  1. I used Calvados brandy, actually. I suppose rum would be nice too - maybe some coconut rum and a few other things in the summer?

  2. Oh - all this time I thought it was spiced rum! Thanks for the edit :)


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