February 14, 2011

Grilled Chicken Tenderloin

There are a lot of chain restaurants out there, and there's a typical group of them you'll find at food stops off of the highway. While I'd prefer to eat at a family-owned restaurant serving "Mom's Famous Chicken Noodle Soup" and the like, sometimes that just isn't an option, and it can also more economical and comforting (you know exactly what to expect) to eat at a chain restaurant. But don't dismay when your roadtrip takes you 150 miles down the turnpike - there are still great meals to be had! I feature this one in particular because I NEVER would have ordered it had someone not pushed me to.

The Grilled Chicken Tenderloin at Cracker Barrel is AMAZING - it's actually a contender for BEST Grilled Chicken. It doesn't look particularly extraordinary, but the grilled chicken is Just. So. Tender. I've never had grilled chicken that was so juicy, and the savory teriyaki-based marinade is sure to please anyone's palate. I typically don't like to eat just chicken by itself, but I scarf these tenderloins down like there's no tomorrow. You will be taken aback by how great this chicken is - and want to know the best part?? (/why I never would have ordered them on my own?) They're on the low-carb menu! Now, granted, I got macaroni and cheese as my side dish (which I highly recommend, it's my favorite side of theirs - very homey, rustic, comfort food in a perfect little portion!), but they also do list 'low-carb sides' that you can get to complement your meal, as well.

Don't settle for McDonald's, or Wendy's, or Sbarro's. This dish at the Cracker Barrel is highway food at it's absolute best - give it a shot on your next long drive!

Where to enjoy this yourself:

Cracker Barrel
Locations nationwide

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