February 4, 2011

Salt-N'-Pepper Onion Rings

Crispy, seasoned rings of fried onions...talk about great comfort food! Not only are these rings COLOSSAL, but the added salt and pepper into the batter adds a nice, seasoned flavor that raises the bar. They also aren't greasy at all, so you feel a little better eating them.

Where you can enjoy these yourself:

Ted's Montana Grill
1512 Main Street
Warrington, Pennsylvania

The service here is great. We were out on a Friday or Saturday night, and our waitress was honest and realistic to us about how things were in the kitchen - for instance, she recommended we order our burgers on the rarer side given how things were going back there, and after taking her suggestion, they came out just perfect to our tastes. It's worth noting when you have great service, I think it really enhances the overall experience.

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