February 25, 2011

"Red" Polish Platter

In my opinion, this is the best way to try a new type of food: sample platter! Here, we've got a Pierogi (looks like a dumpling), Kielbasa (grilled meat in the middle of the plate), Golabki (stuffed cabbage - it's the red stuff on the left), Haluski (cabbage noodles - that'd be at the top of the plate), and Kluski (homemade noodles and cottage cheese).

I like Kielbasa - hot dogs would be the American equivalent, bratwurst would be the German equivalent of this meat. The perogies, filled here with mashed potatoes and onions, are the BEST Perogies I've had. But what surprised me the most was the stuffed cabbage. I really don't like cabbage - I go out of my way to avoid it, in fact - but I DO love tomato sauce. So...I was willing to give it a shot. And it was pretty darn good! (Read: couldn't taste the cabbage at all ;-)

Where you can enjoy this yourself:

Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
4412 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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