February 16, 2011

Japanese Pan Noodles

To come across this cute little bistro with fresh ingredients and smiling service, and craving noodles as badly as I was, this was a nice little snack that just hit the spot. The slight heat to the soy sauce stopped me from scarfing the whole thing down in just a few minutes, but it was balanced nicely by the vegetables underneath. Though, in all honesty, I can't say this was quite what I was expecting to get. It was chock-full of Asian sprouts, cilantro stalks, and had a nice combination of shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli, but I was hoping for a little more 'noodle' and a little less 'pan,' as they say (or at least a better noodle-to-Asian-sprout ratio). I think I would best describe this meal (snack) as feel-better twist on typical fast food - I always give extra credit for fresh ingredients!

Where to find this yourself:

Noodles & Company
4238 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, Virginia

I'm used to finding Asian food at noodle houses, but I was thrown for a loop when I first saw the menu for this restaurant: there are three sections for Asian, American, and Mediterranean noodle varieties. Talk about being international! I suddenly had to choose between teriyaki, pesto, or salad with my noodles, which I have to say was a little unusual at a place where you order at the counter. I'd recommend going with either a very open mind or one firmly set!

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