June 11, 2010

Steamed Pork Dumplings

Ironically, I didn't 'discover' dumplings when I was in China; I discovered dumplings when I was in Italy. For some inane reason, steamed pork dumplings had never appealed to me, until I found myself in Rome, with an unusual craving, in a Chinese restaurant, and quite randomly interested in the "meat ravioli" on the menu. Since then, I haven't been able to get enough. I'm currently searching for the BEST Dumplings.

Alas, these are not them, but they weren't too bad, either. I loved the size: just small enough to pop the whole thing in your mouth! And, as usual, filled with a delicious combination of pork and I-don't-know-what-else. The skin was slightly overcooked (and to be honest the rest of our meal wasn't quite up to par) but I thought I'd snap a picture and let you know where to find these bite-sized appetizers.

Where you can enjoy them:

Janie's Asian Bistro
118 Easton Road
Warrington, Pennsylvania

It's a large restaurant, and what's nice is it's right next to a large movie theater complex. Nice to stop in for a bite before or after a show!

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