June 10, 2010

Local Hamburger

This post almost didn't make it on here. As it is, you're only seeing half of the burger - it looked and smelled SO good as soon as it arrived, that I almost forgot to take a picture. This is certainly a contender for the BEST Hamburger category.

Welcome to Elk Creek Cafe. This is by far my favorite restaurant in the Central Pennsylvania region. They work tirelessly to bring you delicious food made with fresh, local ingredients. Their menu changes seasonally and their specials change daily. This is their Elk Creek Burger, cooked to perfection (rare here) and made with local grass-fed beef on a local bakery's bun. I never really thought twice about either of those adjectives ("local" or "grass-fed"), but you'll become a believer in both as soon as you bite into this burger. Because the beef is fresh and local - and so the fat content varies from day to day - some days you'll have a REALLY good burger, and other days you'll have a BLOW-YOUR-MIND AMAZING burger. I haven't decided if their really-good-burger is also the best I've ever had yet. Either way, you will enjoy this meal immensely, and any other you have at Elk Creek.

Where you can enjoy this (and so much more):

Elk Creek Cafe
100 West Main Street
Millheim, Pennsylvania
http://www.elkcreekcafe.net/ (they have a good/helpful website)

I almost forgot to mention! They are also a brewery. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but apparently their beers are quite good and they often have IPA on tap. The atmosphere of Elk Creek is great - located at the only stoplight in the small town of Millheim - and super casual with a live country or bluegrass band usually every Saturday night. Good things to note: they're closed Monday and Tuesday, and you NEED to make reservations if there's a band playing (even if you're sitting in the back room and not going for the music). They're a gem, just outside of Penn State's main campus. This will not be the only post about them on this blog!

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