June 2, 2010

Thin-Crust Pizza

If ever you get the chance, go to Italy. The pizza. Is amazing. Crusts so thin, they use scissors to cut a slice for you, then wrap it in paper and send you on your way...paper-thin slices of mushrooms and eggplant and any other vegetable - or meat, sliced just as thinly - you can imagine. I dream about this pizza - specifically this pizza, which had the best taste, variety, and freshest selection. I think the key is truly in the selection and preparation of the ingredients. The cut-so-thin-I-can-see-light-through-it technique really makes a difference. The flavor of, say, mushrooms wasn't at all lost, but instead simply became a more delicate flavor, which complemented the delicate crust and other layered ingredients. Nothing is competing for your attention as you take a bite...only complementing. It's also very light; this is not heavy, thick, greasy pizza you're still full from the next day (at this point, I'm disinclined to even call that sort of food pizza).

Where to enjoy this yourself:

Emanuela e Federica Tognarini
Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 106 - 00186
Rome, Italy
(it's across the river from the Vatican, about five minutes from Ponte Vittorio Emanuele, and just off of Corso)
Very roughly translated (for instance, it's not a dairy) but with a map: http://www.azienderoma.it/azienda_54661/emanuela_e_federica_tognarini_snc.html

The pizza in Rome is where I started to learn to trust people. I trusted not to ask what was on the pizza - if it looked good, I ate it - and without exception, enjoyed it. From this, many otherwise-disliked flavors earned my favor (not the least of which were artichokes - how did I live for so long without them??).

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