June 28, 2010

Homemade Apricot Danish

A fruity, apricot jam spread over a rich cream cheese filling is enveloped by layers and layers of flaky filo pastry and topped with a whisper-thin cinnamon sugar crust. Sound like something out of a dream? Nope - something my mother whipped up as a sweet and tasty snack for my graduation party. It disappeared almost immediately - and the second one she made and hid for us for later also, disappointedly, was found and devoured before we had time to stop the guests. What makes this pastry stand out is how light but satisfying it is: the creamy and fruity filling is just barely held together by the flaky pastry outside, all coming together for a slightly both sweet and savory snack. The cinnamon sugar sprinkled across the entire top surface (hence the dark spots in the photo!) adds a perfect, subtle hint of spice. Overall delicious, and apparently very popular among guests!

Where you can enjoy this yourself:
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