June 14, 2010


Wienerschnitzel: I had no idea what it was, just that I had to have it while I was in Austria. (This was a great philosophy by which to dine, in part because I didn't want to miss out, in part because I don't know ANY German...) Wienerschnitzel is actually just a breaded and fried filet of pork - very thinly cut but, as you can see, HUGE. The breading added a nice texture to the tender and juicy meat, and the flavors (which are simple but satisfying) really came out with the fresh lemon squeezed over top. My only recommendation is to get it to split and also get a side of something completely different (a green vegetable, perhaps?), because while it's tasty, it's a LOT of the same thing to sit down and eat all the way through.

I'm searching for the name of this restaurant in my notes - details on where you can enjoy this hopefully to come!


  1. The way I make mine is with a small boneless pork chop, put into a plastic bag and pound with a rubber mallet. That's how it gets to be huge. Run through an egg wash and then into Italian seasoned bread crumbs and fry quickly on a low heat. Fantastic on sourdough bread with mayo, lettuce and a sliced dill pickle.

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